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Taxi urgently

Moscow taxi urgently

Urgent taxi might be needed to everyone in the most unexpected moment: for example, not ot miss the airplane or the train. Therefore, if you need a taxi urgently in Moscow, and you have no relevant phone number, you can address our services – whether it is a pick up from the Airport and further transfer or just a taxi call to home. A taxi order from our company is realized through the following phone 500-50-50, or from our website; for mobile devices the address of our website – 500t.ru.

How to order a cheap and fast taxi

Many people have no idea about the taxi prices in Moscow. We guarantee - we have one of the lowest prices in Moscow, and in order to make sure of from the section in our website named«fares». There you'll also find detailed information about the ordering taxi ordering process with discounts and bonuses available for online ordering.

The advantages of our cars park

We have rather large cars park that consist only of foreign manufactured vehicles. That means we have all the types of taxi – a range from budget taxi to VIP taxi. Also it is a true indicator of the fact that if you need ataxi in a moment , you'll get it immediately, as our cars are in all regions of the city and the nearest taxi will get your order. If you need an urgent taxi contact Citymobil Taxi, and we'll be there for you.