+7 (495) 500-50-50

Taxi phone numbers

Dial taxi Citymobil number and in a few minutes enjoy your ride!

Any taxi company's call center can be called it heart. Because when you want to call a taxi you address its Call Center. How fast and exactly which car will come after you depends on people working there. That's why in Citymobil taxi company's Call center the specialists performance is coherent and clear.

If you cannot make taxi order online, you anyway can do it easily through a call. The telephone of our service is 500-50-50. It's easy to remember, and dialing it you'be very soon enjoying your comfortable ride. And it doesn't matter whether you need a taxi to Airport, or you just want to have a night city ride.

Our cars park consists only of foreign cars, and we'll always have a comfortable one meeting all your requirements, and our drivers will quickly and safely take you to the destination point.

Dispatching of taxi Citymobil is always available, and you'll neverbe waiting when contacting our service and will never listen the phrase "We have no available car for you". We're quiet sure you'll be constantly using our service after you know about our discounts and bonuses. Will be looking forward to your calls!